Cześć! Mam na imię


Zapraszam do obejrzenia mojej galerii oraz innych psów hodowli Montecarbone.

Cześć! Mam na imię 


Przybyłem do hodowli z pięknych Włoch


Cześć! Mam na imię 


Przybyłam do Hodowli z Włoch

I International Dog Show in Bydgoszcz

3 lutego 2018


News from I International Dog Show…

I start to think, that dog shows in Bydgoszcz are not for us. Last time, in 2016, Maggie got only „very good”, we had a little car crash and I don’t have good memories from that time. This time is not better. Antares was so perfect in the ring. His movement was excellent, he was so lovely. The judge gave him a very nice description, but he got only „very good”. I am dissapointed. If I knew, what was wrong (as with Maggie in 2016 – her movement was not so good), I could think, what to make better… but this time everything was correct. The judge was pleased, he didn’t tell me of any Antares’s failure and I can’t see any thing which should be better. He did the perfect job and that’s why I think that it’s the last time when we are here…


Fortunatelly, Niagara was appreciated. Although she was in the third place, she was there as the youngest one – only about 7 months (the first and second bitches are almost 9). She was perfect in her movement, she cooperated, she was in good mood although it was only her second show. Today she is my little star and it’s our little success. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day….

Antares – Junior Class, very, II

Judge: Moray Armstrong (GB)


 Niagara – Puppy Class, very promissing, III

Judge: Moray Armstrong (GB)